Solargiant Sun pumps are installed to pump between 

400 litres per hour to 25 000 litre per hour. 

We use DC Pumps, Multiflow Pumps and Pump Inverters 

The DC pump range works well for boreholes up to 112 meters deep. The MultiFlow range works well if you need more water from your borehole of if your Total Dynamic Head is more...

  • This pump has a 3 year guarantee  

  • Brushless motor guarantees minimal maintenance

  • It pumps up to 7 hours a day (MPPT technology)

  • This pump has a low level water sensor en stops automatically  as soon as the water level reaches the pump.  It keeps the tank full and the pump safe

  • ​​This pump is developed for our typical African conditions.

  • ​This pump is well established with over 2000+  installations.

  • ​This range works well for boreholes with up to 70 meter deep.

  • ​The pump has a total head of 70 cm and changes from 500 litre per hour to 2500 litre per hour. 

MF pomp.jpg
  • The MultiFlow range can work with AC or DC energy sources.

  • ​This pump is currently the best sun pump available on the market.


  • ​It has a two year guarantee.


  • It uses a water-cooled motor, which poses no pollution risk to drinking water.


  • Brushless DC motor and the pump itself is a station pump without an impeller .  


  • ​Integrated built-in controller with MPPT & DSP technology.


  • ​Flexibility in terms of power supply and solar panel configurations


  • Can be powered from solar mains or  generators (additional to solar)

  • The pump inverter is 98% effective and is by far the best on the market.  Definitely no competition.

  • ​Convert DC power into AC power.

  • These systems work well for bigger pumping projects.

  • ​Our pump inverters are compatible with submersible pumps, centrifical pumps, swimming pool pumps using 3-phase induction motors.

  • ​It is ideal for large herd animals.

  • ​It is ideal for a total head up to 300 meter. 

  • ​It is ideal for high volume solar irrigation

  • ​Can work with any AC pump from 1.1kw to 100kw systems

  • ​It is fully automated

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