If the sun rises on your farm each morning....

then solar energy is the answer to all your water and electricity problems

The success of sustainable farming is largely  determined by its independence from Eskom.

Solar Energy is a renewable energy that provides electricity as long as the sun comes up each morning, and because our sunlight is free and in abundance, it makes solar water pumps a fantastic alternative for the traditional electrical and fuel driven pump systems.

Why Solar Water Pumps

  • Solar Sunpumps are very reliable, which is important especially in remote areas 


  • It is easy to transfer or to move

  • It is easy to install​

  • ​It is installed according to the need of the customer

  • It has very low operational cost and maintenance

  • It is cost effective in the long term

  • Is is safe because there is no electricity dangers or any dangerous waste being produced

  • It is eco-friendly ​

Voice of a Happy Customer

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