The Solargiant Approach

We use the Jacara logging system to log every breaker on all your DB boxes instead of logging only the main supply like most competitors do.  The reason for this is to firstly apply efficiencies i.e. identify leakages, or inefficient equipment in order to reduce your daily usage.  By doing this we have been able to reduce the Capex of solar systems up to 60%, saving you initial capital. 


Jacara also helps with the design of the system and takes into account the average temperature and rainfall, the gradient and direction of panels and your specific location in order to spec the system with accuracy. 


Jacara can also simulate electric equipment that is not in use at the time of the logging.  The outcome of the Jacara logging is a thorough design of the solar system together with costing and payback period.

PV systems allow you to become more independent in your home from rising electricity costs and to move away from conventional energy carriers. Therefore, count on the sustainable and decentralized energy supply of the future. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The intelligent solutions from SolarGiant make energy consumption affordable, manageable and reliable.